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sequence Data

Protein EnsEMBL ids or
cds fasta sequences:

How can I get such IDs
You must enter a list of Ensembl protein IDs.
  • An Ensembl ID starts with "ENS".
  • Make sure its a protein ID: its last letter must be a "P"
(e.g. ENSMUSP00000099398)
Enter your list by separating protein IDs with new line characters.
job Options

Email address:

Why supplying an email address
It enables to keep a trace of the results page URL. If you choose to let it empty, please save the link given after job submission.

Job Name:

Why supplying a job name
This job name will be associated to the URL of your job.
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species Data

Species list:

processing Options

Level of computation:

Which differences
Fast: computation of multiple sequence alignements will be done with MUSCLE. It will be fast with many false positive results, but OK for first analyses.
Fine: computation of multiple sequence alignements will be done with Prank and will be edited by GBLOCKS. It will be slow but with only few false positive results. It is great to refine your results.
Fast computation
Fine computation

Results on:

If results on the paralogs present little interest, choose "orthologs only", computation will be greatly faster.
Orthologs only
Orthologs and Paralogs
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